Sunday, July 24, 2011

Post #1: A New Hope

Welcome to anyone who has stumbled on this blog and the people I will be inviting too for hopefully a long time. I got interested in making a blog after realizing that 140 characters is too much of a limitation on voicing my opinion on things. So now we have this little blog created by me to voice how I feel on certain subjects. For the most part I am going to try and keep the topic solely on Television and Film. In fact a very big experiment is coming up for me in the coming months and it involves The Academy Awards. I'll post more about that later as time goes on.

But for now this is my first attempt at doing such a thing and hopefully all of you guys and gals will bare with me as I go through the ropes on making an entertaining blog. That's all for now and stay tuned tomorrow where, if all things go well, I should have my very first attempt at a film review posting on 'Captain America'.

Cya around!

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